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”In between dreams live”

Secret Records is thrilled to release "In Between Dreams" a brand new live album from The Residents' most recent touring show! It focuses on dreamlike material from their vast catalog plus a sneak peek at some BRAND NEW unreleased songs!!! It will be the band's first new live album to be pressed on vinyl since their 1990 "Cube E" album. The artwork for the album, as well as a bonus LP, was created by Resident's collaborator Stott Howard, and portrays a surreal Residents themed fantasy world.

The gatefold vinyl is available in two different double-LP color combinations, a baby blue, white, & black "pie slice" version, & a black & white swirled version. We’ll also have a CD version that will come packaged in a 90’s style longbox. Remember those 12" tall, full color cardboard boxes that the earliest CDs manufactured were released in?

All vinyl will be hand numbered, limited editions with an optional extra LP of bonus material titled "Dreaming Of An Eyeball Beaming" that is not available in any other format, featuring an epic eleven minute long, dark, drone cover of Six More Miles, plus some extra oddball Residents dream music. Vinyl is cyan blue & black. Only 250 copies of the bonus LP are being pressed and are limited to one copy per person.

**** BONUS LP “DREAMING OF AN EYEBALL BEAMING” IS SOLD OUT! Test pressing still available ****


“In Between Dreams” will start shipping in early July, but the bonus LP has been delayed and will not get to us until August…

For folks who bought a package including BOTH VERSIONS of "In Between Dreams" plus the bonus LP :
We've decided to ship out copies "In Between Dreams" separately, right away, so we can get them into your hands as soon as possible! (Also, honestly, we don't have enough room in our headquarters!) Then we'll ship out your copy of "Dreaming of an Eyeball Beaming" in August.
These orders will also receive the lowest, matching numbered albums.
Shipping costs will be the same as a combined package.

For those who bought ONE VERSION of "In Between Dreams" plus the bonus LP :
Your records will both be sent in August when "Dreaming of an Eyeball Beaming" is ready to go, in order to keep shipping costs reasonable. You also have an option of receiving the Live LP right away, and the bonus LP later in two shipments if you would like to add shipping cost, $5 US/$12 INT

If you bought "In Between Dreams" LP or CD without the bonus LP :
Your package will ship in July

- Secret Records direct exclusive -


“Self Titled”

In October 2017 Hardy Fox publicly announced that he was "Charles Bobuck" and had been one of the secret composers for the anonymous art group, The Residents. Four months later he released his first album under his real name after 45 years of secrecy; an album of minimalist electronic love songs with somewhat shy vocals.

"For me, I am still able to love as an older gentleman, but the intensity of love always takes me back to my youth when all was new and strange. Each element that drove sexual exploits had to be explored, considered and digested. Now older, I am able to gain some objectivity to set memories to music. This album is a glimpse into my younger self. Well truthfully, probably not. It is likely yet another fantasy of an aging man, still led around by his dick."

Unfortunately, in Sept 2018 Hardy posted his own obituary in advance to his impending passing. He died of brain cancer on Oct 30th.

Limited edition of 350 hand-numbered copies on Highlighter Yellow and Swamp Green translucent vinyl inside a reverse board jacket with a golden flexi 7 inch.

about Secret records


We're a small label in Madison, WI USA / Run by Vincent Presley (Zebras / Those Poor Bastards)
and Lacey Smith (Zebras/ Luluweird Design)
 Very limited edition and never before released vinyl and cassettes by Zebras, The Residents, Snakefinger, Renaldo and the Loaf, & more. 
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