Here it is! A year in the making. A big ole double gatefold LP tribute to one of our favorite Residents, Molly Harvey!
20 of these 24 tunes have never been on vinyl. 8 of these tunes have never even been on a CD and 8 other tunes were only released on rare, limited edition CDs. One full album of studio tracks and one full album of live recordings all packaged in a crazy gatefold filled with special Steven Cerio artwork (known for his art for Residents - Disfigured Night, Helios Creed - Cowboy, etc. Member of Drunk Tank, Railroad Jerk, etc.). 150 numbered copies on EXCLUSIVE Green, Black, and Red vinyl (SOLD OUT) and 350 copies on cool beer and mustard color vinyl. All hand-numbered and with an instant download in whatever digital format you like.
Molly's vocals added pizzazz to the live performances and are really missed. We think her time with The Residents was as important and classic an era as the Snakefinger years or any other. 


stephen somers vs
the residents

The first in our new series of very limited edition t-shirts! Each shirt will be limited to ONLY 130 made and will feature an original design by a different artist.
Our first design comes from Stephen Somers. We first heard of him back in the early 90's when he was making gruesome drawings for metal fliers and was playing in the death metal band, Phantasm. He also gave Secret Record's overlord, Vincent Presley some dubbed cassettes of Mr. Bungle and a pile of sketches when VP was just a little dorky fan boy. These days Stephen is quite the creature designer and here he has us all on our knees worshipping a monstrous winged Resident.
We're only selling 100 and giving the rest to The Residents so get them quick!!

Professionally screen printed on comfortable 100% cotton t-shirts. None of those thick, gross, potato sack shirts you buy from band merch tables and never wear.
Stay tuned for more t-shirt collabs soon!


about Secret records


We're a small label in Madison, WI USA / Run by Vincent Presley (Zebras / Those Poor Bastards)
and Lacey Smith (Zebras/ Luluweird Design)
 Very limited edition and never before released vinyl and cassettes by Zebras, The Residents, Snakefinger, Renaldo and the Loaf, & more. 
New projects are always in the works! Check back again soon



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